Overhauling this website has been long overdue. So first off, thank you for checking in and thanks for your patience. Originally, the site was simply an online CV–an easy way for me to share my work as I was applying for the funding and programs that helped me go from community college, to San José State, and then Stanford.

Starting July 13, 2020, I’ll be using this site to share my #10day30k for #StanfordCyclingAgainstRacism journey. This journey is about so much more than the bike. It’s about growing, facing hard truths, learning, and inreach. Each day, I’ll be reading a few chapters from “How to be an Antiracist,” and then spending my time climbing 30,000 vertical feet to think about what I’ve read. Finally, each day I’ll also write up my thoughts to share and help reinforce the learning for myself.

Learn more about the ride-a-thon and the other athletes involved at bit.ly/StanfordCyclingAgainstRacism and follow my journey on Instagram to see when those blog posts are uploaded. And again, thanks for your patience as this site evolves.