Current: Worm Sense Lab

Project Title: Effects of Extracellular Mechanics on Mechanosensitivity of Isolated C. elegans Touch Neurons

Tools & Skills (training in progress): worm wrangling, cell culture, AFM, fluorescence microscopy.


JUN – DEC 2014: Soft Tissue Biomechanics Lab

Project Title: Photochemical Tissue Bonding Efficacy in Fibrocartilage: A Potential Tool for Meniscus Repair

Tools & Skills: Sterile tissue harvest, Instron, laser, microtome, & data analysis in MATLAB

Conference Presentations: Abstract accepted for poster presentation at 2015 Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting

IMG_20130814_132323 (1)NOV 2012 – MAY 2014: Wilkinson Neurophysiology Lab

Project Title: Effects of 1 day systemic inflammation on the mechanical properties of the murine extensor digitorum longus

Tools & Skills: Ethical handling of animals, electrophysiology, isolated tissue bath, microelectrode fabrication, experiment equipment automation (VB scripting), & data analysis in Excel, statistical analysis in IBM SPSS

Conference Presentations: 2013 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting (poster), 2013 ABRCMS (poster) , 2013 College of Science Poster Day

jf_ssrpPosterFinalSUMMER 2012: Hristov LabStanford Summer Research Program

Project Title: Generating 3D Ultrasound Images from 2D Scans: Reconstructing Algorithm Implementation and Analysis

Tools & Skills: Image processing in MATLAB

Conference Presentations: 2012 SACNAS (poster), 2012 ABRCMS (talk)

Slide1SUMMER 2011: Nano Electronics & Computing Laboratory

Project Title: Hands-on teaching of embedded systems design using FPGA-Based tPad development kit

Tools & Skills: Hardware programming with FPGA based platform (Altera DE2-115) in Verilog

Conference Presentations: 2011 Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference (IEDEC) Proceedings (talk)

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