Graduate School Research Interests

My passion for research lies at the interface between mechanical engineering and biosciences. Specifically, I’m interested in applying mechanical engineering fundamentals to solving human disease problems. Our world faces serious challenges as a result of overpopulation and limited resources. In the coming decades, human disease will continue posing an ever increasing hurdle to social development. I want to help connect engineers and scientists, working together to solve these daunting problems. Furthermore, my aspirations for graduate school are to develop the communication skills necessary to convey solutions to world citizens, educators, policy makers, and leaders. I believe that being able to work together as a global community, drawing upon our respective strengths, is the key to our success.

Science Inspiration

These are some of the researchers whose work inspires me (by no means a conclusive list):

Wilkinson Lab

August 2012 – Current

Undergraduate Researcher, MARC Fellow                                                                                                                                        

Wilkinson Neurophysiology Lab, Department of Biological Sciences, SJSU (San José, CA)           

Project: Characterization of mechanical properties of muscle

Principal Investigator: Katherine A. Wilkinson, PhD

Lab investigates the neural response to stretch in a mouse model, and potential relationship between muscle inflammation, sex, and firing frequency. Individual work focuses on quantifying mechanical properties of the hind leg muscle in experimental and control groups. This research aims to address gaps in scientific knowledge of how muscular disease manifestation may vary across sexes.



June – August 2012

Stanford Summer Research Program                                     

Hristov Lab, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University (Stanford, CA)           

Project: Implementation and analysis of a reconstruction algorithm for generating 3D ultrasound images

Principal Investigator: Dimitre Hristov, PhD

Researched and implemented a reconstruction algorithm to generate three-dimensional images from two-dimensional ultrasound scans for potential use in an enhanced prostate cancer diagnostic tool; analyzed the reconstructed images to determine a quantitative model of the relationship between scan acquisition method and image spatial resolution.


 June – August 2011

NASA Curriculum Improvements Partnership Award for the Integration of Research (CIPAIR) Summer Research Program                                                                       

Nano Electronics and Computing Research Laboratory, San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA)

Project: “Hands-on Teaching of Embedded Systems Design Using FPGA-Based tPad Development Kit”

Principal Investigator: Hamid Mahmoodi, PhD

 Researched methods of implementing logic design a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based development board; assisted in the development of tools for graduate students to better understand the mechanisms of FPGAs.

Link to one of our early online video tutorial made during the research project: