Joy A. Franco

Mechanical Engineering Student

  • Expected graduation date June 2014
  • GPA 3.67
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Emphasis
  • Biomedical Engineering Minor

Wilkinson Lab

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Investigating contractual response of murine extensor digitorum longus muscles through Power Lab based force analysis

MARC Fellow

  • Aspiring to progress into to a PhD program in biosciences which would allow for studying neuroscience and its applications in engineering via neurally interfaced prosthetics: neural implants, visual prosthetics, and cochlear implants
  • Future hopes of being the principal investigator of a laboratory, developing curriculum materials, and/or pursuing a career as a chief technology officer


June – August 2012

Stanford Summer Research Program                                     

Hristov Lab, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University (Stanford, CA)           

Project: Implementation and analysis of a reconstruction algorithm for generating 3D ultrasound images

Principal Investigator: Dimitre Hristov, PhD

Researched and implemented a reconstruction algorithm to generate three-dimensional images from two-dimensional ultrasound scans for potential use in an enhanced prostate cancer diagnostic tool; analyzed the reconstructed images to determine a quantitative model of the relationship between scan acquisition method and image spatial resolution.