ME106 Term Project

In Spring of 2012, as part of my Fundamentals of Mechatronics coursework, I began working on a quadcopter. My original intent was to keep all of the work open source. I am still in the process of porting that work over from an old site. Please feel free to email me with questions regarding that work.

SpartaTron v1.0 Platform:

  • Arduino Mega2560 MCU board
  • Hobby King Flight Controller Board
  • XBee radio for telerobotic communication
  • 11.1V Li Battery
  • Six ultrasound sensors
  • Four brushless DC motors
  • Four brushless electronic speed controller
  • Handmade, hobby grade pine prototype frame

NOTE: Spartans are the San José State University mascot, and students are frequently heard joking about SJSU being, “Sparta!” The name of this project was a nod to my blue and gold, engineerding pride.

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